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nasty women exhibition

In 2016, Donald Trump, the president of the United States, called Hillary Clinton a “Nasty Woman” during their final presidential debate. That insult, intended on shaming Hilary for speaking out sparked a new wave of feminist activism. Activists began describing themselves as "just as nasty-maybe even more nasty- than the woman [Hillary Clinton]. They re-claimed the derogatory connotation, the insult and transformed it into a rallying call for women everywhere. There is something fiercely shameless and empowering in embracing those same categories who were meant to disparage us. “Slut”, “queer”, “nasty” are just examples of how these linguistic operations lead into collective transformations. From an insult to a battle cry against sexism, patriarchy, homophobia, racism transphobia and misogyny.

"Hasufot" or “חשופות”, is a celebration for women done by women where I had the opportunity of exposing my art, my heart, my pictures of women, shameless activists who re-claimed the insult, that derogatory connotation of “Nasty Woman,” and transformed it into a rallying call for women everywhere. 
Some of the pictures were taken last year at different marches in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem during 2018. Some of them taken in the SlutWalk Tel Aviv (April 2018), SlutWalk Jerusalem (May 2018), or demos of almost 25.000 people rallied together in Tel Aviv to protest against the deportation of African asylum seekers from Israel. One of them happened to be on March 24th, "El día de la memoria" in Argentina, the same night I met my girlfriend. Magic, right?
Well, fell in love with a Nasty Woman with whom I’d love to give birth to future generations of proud, empowered, badass, filthy, vulgar, nasty, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Atheist, Sheikh—you name it—new generations of nasty women.

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how to be handle with care

"Quiet Chaos" Art Exhibition

A personal perspective of Tel Aviv by local street photographers

Tel Aviv, January, 2018

The chosen pieces are both called “How to be handle with care, by myself”and they try to emulate how sometimes our body needs to be “handle with care” in different ways, sometimes with kindness, silence, or just finding its pace and place in a noisy crowded room.

con vos escribo todo el tiempo

 poetic narrative book

 2016, Córdoba, Argentina

modos del deseo


libro de minúsculas


para volver a sí


convertirse en escritura

en gestos

del detalle


aroma del instinto

alerta de sentidos:

desnudar la veladura


los miedos ancestrales


día y mediodía

tarde y crepúsculo

en el modo del deseo



vulva de la noche


apresar el viento

durante y después del huracán

que no ha cesado

¿oyen? ¿sienten?

palabras en el viento,

vibración de la corteza


gastón sironi,

primavera de 2016